Why You Should Automate Your Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

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Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Businesses always have a number of balls in the air when it comes to managing their various stakeholder relationships. Not only do stakeholders need to be kept up to date with the goings on of the business, but it is also important to keep them interested and engaged – especially if they are a financial backer for the business.

Automating your stakeholder engagement strategy can greatly increase the efficiency of your business, helping to ensure that all your various stakeholders are being communicated with as needed, in a way that is engaging and informative. Here are just some of the benefits of automating your business’s stakeholder interactions.

Save Time

Typically, when a business needs to communicate with its stakeholders, this involves sending a series of manual messages – one for each stakeholder, customized specifically for them.

When you implement automation into your stakeholder engagement strategy, you can automate the entire sending and customization process, which will end up saving you both time and resources that you can use elsewhere.

Increase Efficiency

We’ve already determined that a stakeholder engagement strategy can include a lot of manual effort if it is not automated – especially with the sending messages to all stakeholders individually. Typing each stakeholder’s information out each time you want to send a message to them can get pretty time-consuming and depending on how many messages need to go out at any given time, it is certainly possible to accidentally forget someone in the process.

An automated stakeholder management solution can facilitate the collection and storing of your stakeholder information and can use this information when sending out messages automatically to all stakeholders at the same time, increasing the overall efficiency of the stakeholder engagement process by consolidating contact information and messages within a single solution.

Personalize Communications

We all know by now that personalized messages tend to receive better engagement than generic messages, so it is best practice to make sure that any messages that are sent out are targeted to each individual stakeholder. However, personalizing each message manually with content relevant to each stakeholder would be a very tedious and unproductive task.

Automating your stakeholder engagement strategy makes it much easier to send your messages, and it also means you don’t have to lose that personal touch when interacting with your stakeholders. Since you are storing contact information in the stakeholder management solution’s centralized database, you can have your messages be personalized automatically by the solution using this stored information without any extra work!

Manage Scalability

With a manual stakeholder engagement strategy, a business may not be able to keep up with any increases in the number of stakeholders over time. Scalability is definitely an important thing to consider when thinking about how to maintain your stakeholder relationship management.

Automation can be used to make this strategy more scalable, as an automated solution will be able to easily account for any increase in stakeholder numbers. As long as your stakeholders continue to be added to your stakeholder management solution, whether manually or automatically through the use of online forms, the solution will be able to manage this information and send all your stakeholders the necessary messages.

Maintain Information Security

Information security is always an important consideration when managing stakeholder information. It is important for you to keep your stakeholder information and interactions secure and safe from security breaches.

In a digital stakeholder management solution, all data is stored in a secure, all-in-one online platform. All messages that are sent to stakeholders are encrypted during transmission, which means you can ensure the safety of all data you collect.

Review Reports

A manual stakeholder engagement strategy makes it difficult to know just how well your messages are performing and just how engaged your stakeholders are with your business. An automated stakeholder management solution provides businesses with auto-generated reports for all the communications it sends.

These reports can easily be analyzed to determine where improvements can be made to your stakeholder engagement strategy in the future. The reports provide you with key information such as the messages’ open rates, click-through rates, as well as any unsubscribes that may have occurred, giving you a good idea of what parts of your strategy work, and which parts may not.

Interested in automating your stakeholder engagement strategy?

These are only a few of the benefits that automating your stakeholder management strategy can provide. Automation can greatly improve and streamline your stakeholder relationship management process and increase engagement overall. SimplyCast’s automated stakeholder management solution combines several tools into a single platform that makes engaging with your stakeholders simple and effective.

If you are interested in further exploring how SimplyCast can assist you with automating your business’s stakeholder engagement strategy, click the button below to request a one-on-one demo of the solution from one of our helpful team members! 


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