Why You Should Consider Becoming a Marketing Reseller

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Marketing Reseller

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Becoming a Marketing Reseller

Are you in marketing or advertising? Do your clients ever ask you for integrated marketing tools that will make their communication process simpler and more efficient? Would you like to provide a comprehensive marketing solution to your clients along with your current offering?

Reselling such a solution can help your agency reduce client churn, gain additional revenue, increase billable hours and boost client satisfaction. Becoming a Marketing Reseller, however, is not only about doing what is best for your agency. It also allows you to provide tools which will enable your clients to grow their business and reach out to more of their customers. When clients have success using your tools and have a positive customer experience, they are likely to stay loyal and refer other clients to you.

Your clients are searching for email marketing, online surveys and forms, social media management and other similar tools. You can provide these in-demand tools and more in an all-in-one solution that any of your clients can use, from small businesses to enterprise organizations.

What does becoming a Marketing Reseller offer my agency?

Increased Client "Stickiness": Studies have shown that clients are less likely to leave when they purchase additional services. When clients can find everything they want with one agency (yours!) they will remain loyal customers instead of going to a competing agency.

Opportunity to Enter a Fast-Growing Market: Marketing automation is one of the fastest-growing industries out there, but trying to build your own set of tools can take years. By reselling a turn-key solution, you can start earning extra revenue right away and you can immediately provide your clients with valuable tools that have a proven success rate.

Attract More Clients than the Competition: When new clients are seeking a comprehensive marketing solution, who will they choose: an agency which offers standard marketing and advertising services? Or an agency which offers marketing and advertising services plus an automated marketing solution which includes 15 tools that clients can easily use by themselves to make their marketing campaigns even more effective? Clients are seeking a comprehensive solution with integrated tools and not many agencies currently offer this.

What does becoming a Marketing Reseller offer my clients?

Save Time: Marketing automation is arguably the biggest time-saver a business can employ. With targeted automated messages, a business can reach out to each to each of its unique customers with messages based on their personal preferences, selections, and history.

Build Loyalty: Businesses can use automated marketing to send personalized messages and really make an individual connection with each customer. This type of personalization would take hours every day if it was done manually, but with automation, businesses can easily and efficiently provide a high level of personal communication.

All-in-One Solution: Many businesses use a marketing agency, separate email marketing company, another survey solution, and yet another CRM solution to manage their contacts. Using many different solutions quickly gets complicated and expensive. Businesses are paying multiple bills each month and constantly having to transfer data from one solution to another to coordinate their campaigns. Using a single solution that has everything they need makes it simple to run a campaign which includes multiple channels of communication (email, text messaging, voicemail, social media, etc.). Clients pay only one bill and deal with only one account.

Do you offer a Marketing Reseller solution that will suit my agency's needs?

We know that every agency is different, which is why our software is so flexible. You can resell the entire solution or just select specific tools. You can set your own prices, rebrand the solution as your own and keep all your own customers. You can contact us for assistance at any time. There are no recurring fees such as annual renewal fees, monthly fees or user fees. We also have a special offering called Agency365 that includes multi-user accounts, permissions-based management, and other features that were requested especially by agency clients of ours. Agency365 is available to diamond-level resellers as a product to sell to their industry, and can also be purchased independently by SimplyCast customers.

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