Why You Should be Doing In-Game Sports Marketing

Why You Should be Doing In-Game Sports Marketing

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In-Game Sports Marketing

At the next sports event you attend, look around at the crowd. How many fans are on their mobile phones? Sharing updates about the game with friends, posting pictures on social media sites and texting, constantly texting. There are so many in-game marketing opportunities to connect with fans! If you want to really hit it out of the park with your fans, offer them fun opportunities for interaction.

Keep fans engaged with the game and give them chances to win tickets for future games, merchandise, even food items from the stadium's vendors. Contests are a fun and exciting way to involve fans and offer rewards for fan engagement.

Tie in-game contests to social media in order to widen your audience. For example, offer fans the chance to win by posting a picture of themselves at the game on their Twitter or Facebook page. Fans' friends or followers see them having fun at the game and want to get in on the action.

Since in-game marketing is focused around mobile phones, you can easily integrate text messaging into your contests. "Text the name of your favorite player to MYTEAM for a chance to meet them after the game." An SMS sports marketing service can provide you with personalized short codes.

Text messaging can also be used for "voting" on polls which can be posted on the team's social media pages. "Which of these exciting plays from the game is your favorite? A. Pedro's home run. B. Eighth inning double play. C. Kowski's sliding steal. Text A, B or C to MYTEAM to vote."

Connect with fans who can't attend the game by making them feel like they are there. Text message updates are a common way to keep fans excited about sports events when they are not actually watching them. Score changes, player injuries and game highlights are ideal for text messaging, because they can be summed up in a few words.

If you haven't yet started using in-game sports marketing software, there is no better time to start. Your fans already love the team, now offer them rewards for their loyalty. Show your fans that it's important to you that they have a great time at the game! Boost fan engagement levels and gain new fans, using multi-channel sports marketing tools like text messaging and social media.

SimplyCast 360 is a sports marketing solution to increase fan engagement, simplify fan relationship management and promote your sports team.

To discuss a sports marketing solution that fits your needs, contact our team.

1-866-323-6572, ext. 1.

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