Why You Should Not Forget About Email Marketing

Why You Should Not Forget About Email Marketing

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Just like with any new technology, people fall in love with what is top of mind and trendy. This is social media and everything that comes with it. Now social media is not going anywhere but it certainly is what the "cool kids" are using to try and grow business and dominate the world.

But what about the tried and tested medium of email marketing? Remember that?

With all the great social media tools available, some brands have opted out of using email to engage the consumer. According to recent studies, that strategy may not be working out so well. The reason is partly due to generational groups. Meaning those who are in the 35 and above age group are more likely to read and share emails. Those under 35 are most likely to use Facebook or other forms of social media to share with friends.

If you are like most people, your email inbox can get filled with brand messaging and promotions from your favorite products. So which email messages work the best when it comes to getting the attention of the consumer? Here are some tips:

Make It Relevant & Useful: Make sure the information you are sending is relevant and necessary. The more targeted the message and the list the better. Also, include links (and make sure they look like links) wherever you feel readers may want to click for more information. Keeping things brief is key and if you include your website URL, they can seek out more information there.

Important Info Above the Fold: Regardless of the email browser (computer, tablet, mobile) being used, chances are readers get to preview the first few lines before ever opening your message. Think beyond the subject line and put your most relevant and exciting information at the top of your message. Just think of the emails that get your attention every day. If it engaged you, it will most likely work on the masses.

Have a Call to Action: If you truly want a customer to engage with your brand, give them something to do with the information you are providing via your email campaign. Add a coupon or a discount code, invite them to attend an online seminar. Basically, anything that takes the reader beyond reading your email to your website, store or event. Read these related posts on call to action and subject lines to really pull in the readers.

Don't Message Too Much: Remember, timing is everything when it comes to sending email campaigns. Only send an email when it is relevant and necessary and it fits with the schedule you have instituted. Unless your business offers new deals every day or keeps clients updated on the daily news (i.e. stock prices), you should really limit your campaigns to once or twice a month. When in doubt about frequency, it is pretty easy to simply ask your readers. You will not only engage but show you care about their opinion.

Social Integration: Always provide links to your social media networks within your email newsletter and encourage readers to continue the conversation within their own networks. Also, use your networks to promote your newsletter as it is a great way to get new subscribers. With SimplyCast for example, you can have your newsletter automatically added to your company Facebook page with the click of a box.

There you have it. Email marketing is not as cool or trendy as social sites like Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn, but it still gets the job done - big time. Our best advice, use email and social marketing together to form a one-two knockout punch when it comes to generating leads and engaging users.

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