Why You Should Resell Software for Emergency Communications

Why You Should Resell Software for Emergency Communications

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Software for Emergency Communications

What is something all companies and businesses have in common? They must have an emergency plan in the event of a crisis situation. As a reseller, why not tap into this market and resell software for emergency communications as part of your offering? For example, if you work in or with any level of government, emergency communication software can be a helpful tool to aid different departments with the sharing of information and management of any emergency situations that may come up. Here are just a few more reasons why you should resell software with emergency-specific tools as part of your reseller arsenal.

Gain an extra revenue source

You know, of course, that reselling communication software provides your company with an extra source of revenue, although just how much depends on the quantity and quality of tools you offer your customers. Along with your standard communication automation tools that you provide, adding a specialized set of applications geared toward emergency management allows you to round out your service offering, enabling you to adjust your reseller prices accordingly. Customers will likely not mind paying a little extra if they know that they are receiving the best bang for their buck.

Get an edge on the competition

If your company was to include emergency communication software as part of your offering to clients, you would be able to get a leg up on your competition in that your selection of tools will likely be more comprehensive with a wider variety to choose from.

To develop your own emergency tools in-house could take years as well as a lot of money and resources that could be better allocated elsewhere in your company. And, even if you managed to develop your own tools, the technology may very well have advanced further by the time you finish.

Increase brand value

Being able to offer this many different services to your clients will enhance your company's brand value by making it less likely that customers will turn to another company for their emergency communication needs, thus elevating trust and loyalty to your brand.

By choosing to resell communication software that includes these additional assets in the same, centralized platform will increase the appeal to your clients by allowing them to make their emergency communications more efficient. You can also choose to white label the product, which means that it would appear to your customers with your company's style and branding so as to maintain consistency with any other products you may offer.

Day-to-day operational use

Should you choose to resell emergency communication software such as the platform SimplyCast provides, the available tools don't have to be used exclusively for emergencies. Customers are able to familiarize themselves with the emergency applications through using them for daily operational tasks. This way, when an emergency situation does arise, they will not be required to unbox a system that gets used only on rare occasions. Instead, they can use tools they are comfortable and confident enough with to ensure managing the situation is as efficient as possible.

Ready to resell software for emergency communication? Why not choose EmergHub?

EmergHub is SimplyCast's newest innovation. This emergency communication platform provides the world's first technology to connect all stakeholders in an emergency by using an all-in-one communication platform. With the ability to be used in everyday operations as well as emergencies, this platform provides resellers with a fully comprehensive addition to their offerings. Check out the software page on the SimplyCast website, or contact reseller@simplycast.com to learn more. 

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