Is Your Canadian Business Worried About Data Security?

Is Your Canadian Business Worried About Data Security?

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Data Security

The privacy of online data is of great importance to Canadians. This is not news.

Many Canadian businesses are also worried about data security and in many ways, this issue is the deciding factor on what vendors they use for online services.

Not to mention that most Canadian institutions now demand that their data be stored in Canada as a result of the implementation of the US Patriot Act.

Get the message? Canadian companies want Canadian storage.

Some provinces have taken this more seriously than others to data but all of the provinces and territories are playing catch up in passing regulations in regard to this topic. British Columbia is considered one of the leaders in the online privacy space.

As a result of all these data privacy considerations, SimplyCast is launching a data center in the near future where clients can have their data 100% stored in Canada.

SimplyCast is an online marketing platform that is not only created by Canadians but very soon, will also store customer data in Canada if the client so chooses.

This will make the all-in-one marketing product a favorite amongst Federal and Provincial Governments as well as Canadian businesses and institutions looking to keep their data at home.

Almost every day we hear from Canadian institutions who are looking for an online marketing solution like ours that is hosted and supported by a Canadian company.

We can't wait to get it launched and available to you.

For more information on why you may want to store your data in Canada, read our post called Why it matters where your organization's data is stored.

Want more details on our upcoming data center? Contact our customer care team and they can help you out.

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