Your eTrigue Marketing as a Service Alternative

Your eTrigue Marketing as a Service Alternative

Your eTrigue Marketing as a Service Alternative

Looking to tap into a Marketing as a Service solution but want more bang for your buck? Hands-Free from SimplyCast is the answer you seek.

Let's start off with the obvious: you want to drive lead generation, nurture clients, and grow your customer base. One of the best ways to do all of those is with marketing automation using landing pages, emails, tracking links, and more.

Like most organizations, however, you only have a finite amount of time in your day to do all of this, and setting up campaigns can be time-consuming. Hiring a consultant seems like a great way to go, but then you see the pricing and the color drains from your face.

Take eTrigue's Marketing as a Service compared to our Hands-Free program: both offer the services of a specialized consultant, but the benefits differ from there.


The first question you will probably have is "what am I getting for my money?"

With Marketing as a Service, the lowest tier eTrigue offers one landing page, one email, the DemandCenter platform, alerts, reporting, up to 100,000 contacts, bi-weekly meetings, and 3-month engagement. At the top service tier, you receive three landing pages, three emails, a webinar, and meeting every week and 6-month engagement.

Using Hands-Free's lowest tier, you get seven hours of work on your account for any project you can think of with no limit to the number of landing pages, emails, text messages, voice messages, anonymous tracking links, and reporting needed. You can connect with your consultant whenever you wish, make live edits, and receive updates on the progress of your campaigns. You can even schedule strategy sessions for upcoming projects and training for your team members on platform tools. The only restraint to how you can use the time is your imagination.


When looking at marketing automation platforms, it can often feel like you're comparing apples to apples. The vast majority of platforms offer quick and easy campaign building, email design, form creation, A/B Split testing and more. Like its competitors, eTrigue offers all of this

What makes SimplyCast different is that we strive for automation engagement – not just marketing blasts. Our consultants create campaigns using 20+ tools within the platform that your leads, customers, and clients want to read and get results. From emails optimized for deliverability to call-to-action creation, engagement scoring, and interest tagging, you get beyond the surface of your audience. You can even go a step further with mobile messages, voice calling, fax sends, Google analytic tracking, and tap into emergency management tools if need be.


Perhaps the biggest difference between Marketing as a Service and Hands-Free is the pricing range and packages that come with it.

Marketing as a Service goes from $2,500 to $5,000 monthly and is contained to landing pages, emails, and webinars.

Through Hands-Free, you can start from $500 and go to $4,995 monthly depending on how many hours you need with no limit to the project size. You can have as many forms, landing pages, text messages, voice calls, Facebook or Twitter campaigns as you want with all the tools of SimplyCast's system at your (and your consultant's) disposal.

Learn More About Your Marketing as a Service Alternative Today

If you're looking for a Marketing as a Service solution and to tap into the expertise of automated engagement experts, then look no further than Hands-Free. To check out our packages available, visit our Hands-Free page or send your questions to

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