Your Own Personal (Affordable!) Marketing Assistant is Here

Your Own Personal (Affordable!) Marketing Assistant is Here

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Marketing Assistant

Ever wanted your own personal marketing assistant? Who hasn't? Imagine having someone who would take care of all the little tasks that eat up your time and hamper your productivity. O.K., now how about an automated marketing assistant?

This particular marketing assistant is called SimplyCast 360. SimplyCast 360 makes all your marketing campaigns and customer communications simple and efficient. You create messages, drag and drop them into a campaign and select a way for the messages to go out. Messages are also sent automatically based on trigger dates, customer actions and more.

Marketing Assistant for Customer Communications

Once you have created the campaign, your very own marketing assistant automatically sends out messages based on each individual customer's needs and preferences. Without you having to send out hundreds of emails or make dozens of phone calls a day, your customers receive personally targeted messages that will increase loyalty and reduce customer churn.

Now how about social media management? Surely you need another marketing assistant for that. Actually, the same assistant that manages your emails, voicemails and faxes to customers also takes care of updating your social media pages. SimplyCast 360 posts to your pages exactly how and when you want it to. It also targets specific customers by age, gender and location.

Marketing Assistant for Contact Management

A great marketing assistant also manages vast amounts of contact data. They keep all relevant information organized and use it to reach out to customers. SimplyCast 360 not only maintains data that you already have; it also updates customer profiles based on new data it receives from ongoing campaigns. It records every email opened, every link clicked, every social media message commented on, every survey response and more. This data is used to further target messages to your customers.

You can easily set up your marketing campaign with help from your marketing assistant. Your assistant has a drag and drop interface that is simple to use. Even if you don't have any coding skills you can set up professional looking communications and distribute them efficiently.

Does an automated marketing assistant sound to good to be true? Then sign up for a free trial and check it out for yourself. Or request an interactive demo below and let our marketing automation experts guide you through the solution.

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