Your Recruiting Agency Can Be the Best: Here's How

Your Recruiting Agency Can Be the Best: Here's How

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Recruiting Agency

Just another day at the recruiting agency. You're hard at work trying to find a great candidate for a client. You're busy emailing the client and the candidate to set things up. Another client calls. "I haven't heard from you in a while. Are you still working on finding someone to fill my position?" Then several candidates call. "What's happening with those positions? Have they been filled? Do you have anything for me?" You realize you haven't had any time to update your social media pages today and there's still a whole list of people you need to invite to next week's client event! There must be a solution available to assist you somewhere.

There is, and it's right here at SimplyCast. It's called the 360 Automation Manager. It not only helps you reach out to new clients and candidates, and keep up with recruiting trends, but it also helps to create stronger relationships with your current connections. It gives you all the tools you need to stay ahead of the competition in a single easy to use solution.

Recruiting Trends In Using Automation

  • Efficient: It is an automated communication and marketing solution that allows you to send messages to all your clients and candidates with one click. You can easily create events and have invitations and reminders automatically sent out to guests. You can schedule messages to be sent out on certain dates through email, SMS, or voicemail.
  • Time-Saving: The 360 Automation Manager is designed to save you time by automating many tasks that you are currently doing manually. It is an all-in-one solution so you can reduce your budget by not having to deal with multiple services and providers. It is also easy to use, so anyone with a computer can create and schedule messages without requiring special technical skills or tools.
  • Personal yet Automatic: You can send personalized messages to your clients and candidates based on their individual information, recruiting trends and any restrictions you input. Want candidates to be automatically notified when they have an interview or when they are offered a position? No problem. Do you need date reminders to be sent out to clients? Done. How about sending reminders to the guests who are attending your next event? They have already received them and, by the way, you can check your email now to view their responses.
  • Integrated: The 360 Automation Manager also helps you manage your social media pages. Social media is an extremely effective way to spread messages and recruit new candidates. You can automatically update your Twitter and Facebook pages, so you can stay ahead of the competition while forming new connections. This can also include sharing industry information or topical recruiting trends.

Automation not only saves time and reduces your budget, but it also helps you build stronger relationships with your clients and candidates by sticking to recruiting trends. It allows you to stay in touch even when you are extremely busy. With just one click, send a message to all your clients to let them know you are still working on filling their position. You can do the same for candidates, and you can even merge their name or other personal information into the message automatically in order to make it more personal.

Contact the SimplyCast sales team today to learn how the 360 Automation Manager can be customized to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. By sticking to best practices, recruitment trends and keeping your content fresh, your clients will be engaged and ready to hear from you when they need your services.


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