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Alumni outreach is one important factor of the workload within higher education, as alumni engagement can bring many benefits to universities. Outreach may occur to collect information on their field of study, work opportunities, donation requests, or alumni events. However, attempting to complete the outreach process manually can come with difficulties and become time consuming.  

Alumni associations often have difficulty reaching out to alumni in a way that engages them. Often, they have difficulty highlighting the services they offer, and donation requests become the sole focus of messages sent to alumni. This process can be difficult to manage completely manually, as it is easy to leave out information.


SimplyDigital offers the Personalized Alumni Communication use case, which allows universities to streamline their alumni communication processes. This allows colleges and universities to have a better system for connecting with their alumni community. Using an automated system will enable universities to eliminate the majority of manual tasks that come with the alumni communication process.  

Personalizing messages and adapting to user input through automation tools, this solution improves your messaging and rapport with alumni. Using a personalized approach helps strengthen the connection and helps to increase engagement levels. Making this use case invaluable for educational institutions trying to create a better alumni outreach process. 

Steps to Success

  1. Alumni outreach begins with a database of alumni to connect with. As well as setting up reminder messages to ensure contact information remains up to date and current.
  2. Customize messages with visual elements to make the communications more attention-grabbing. Create multiple templates to use for sending messages to different subgroups of alumni. Subgroups could be science students, arts students, and so on.
  3. Once the solution successfully sets up, sending can begin, starting with these personalized messages. Personalize everything from buttons in emails that lead the alumni to a signup form to SMS alerts for upcoming events.
  4. Track responses or lack thereof to refine your approach. Even an unopened email is, in a way, a response. A lack of engagement tells you when there is a problem with the message. Perhaps it was not relevant, or the alumnus received too many messages in a short amount of time.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Save valuable time during the alumni outreach process.
Use case benefit
Send personalized messages to clients that will make them feel connected to your institution.
Use case benefit
Flag alumni for personalized follow ups when necessary.
Use case benefit
Easily send customized reminder messages for events, or work opportunities.

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