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Research teams are often a big part of universities, regular research studies from staff can be quite common. Educational institutions can face several challenges when it comes to research study management. Challenges such as making it simple for participants to sign up and managing participants over the course of the study. Having to manually track participants and share information relating to each specific study can be difficult.  

Relying on a completely manual process can bring on communication errors or other mix-ups. It is important to carefully review and keep track of participants in studies, which can be difficult to do manually. You can avoid these common errors by taking advantage of the many benefits of automated tools. 


SimplyDigital offers the Research Study Management use case, a system making it easy for participants to sign up for research studies. This use case also simplifies the management of these studies long-term, allowing for a more efficient process. Educational institutions can easily collect signups, and manage recruitment events using online forms, alerts, and automatic-follow-up technology. Making this use case invaluable for universities working towards a better research study management process.  

Greatly reduce the manual tasks required through the use of automatic messaging and other adaptive tools. These tools can easily adapt to fit any design, making it easy to apply to all studies.

Steps to Success

  1. An online form allows participants to register for research studies. By making use of a QR code, the form can be easily available anywhere.
  2. Send out follow-up messages after they fill out the initial form to collect or share additional information. It can also allow participants to schedule appointments.
  3. Send out reminder messages to participants to ensure they don't forget appointments or key tasks.
  4. Retain contact information to ensure that participants receive notifications of study results or any follow-up details.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Create a straightforward on-ramp for participating in research.
Use case benefit
Ensure participants stay informed after research is complete.
Use case benefit
Easily adapt messaging to match with the design of any study.
Use case benefit
Adapt the use case to fit the exact needs of any study's design.

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