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Every educational institution’s recruitment department needs to be able to ensure they can hold prospective students’ attention. This requires that outreach to these prospects be customizable to everyone – even if it’s outreach on a mass scale.  With so many prospective students it can become difficult and time consuming to implement targeted recruitment strategies for students manually.   

Using the education targeted recruitment use case, you can alleviate the challenges that come with the manual process saving valuable time.  


SimplyDigital offers the Targeted Recruitment use case. Offering a complete solution for ensuring every prospective student receives the information that relates to their intended paths. Allowing education facilities to more easily implement targeted recruitment plans and enjoy the benefits of targeted recruitment for prospective students.

This solution leverages online forms to learn more about prospective students and sends them targeted information based on their expressed interests. Through this process students can receive engagement in a more personal way. Tracking can be done on prospect behavior and acted upon when they demonstrate engagement. With these steps student recruitment can become much easier and allows for deeper engagement. 

Steps to Success

  1. Using a web form that adapts to the current page, prospect profiles can generate using information submitted on the form. It also uses the specific page from which the prospect filled out the form.
  2. Prospective students, upon verifying their consent to receive messages about programs, can automatically categorize based on their program of interest. The system will then send messages that are specific to the selected programs.
  3. When program-oriented messages send to prospective students, messages can become adaptable based on any other criteria. Enabling messages to adapt to the exact circumstance for each prospective student. Once prospective students
  4. Once prospective students receive the message, those who read the message soon after it sends can track as active and engaged. Those active prospects can automatically assign to a recruiter, based either on random assignment or the program they’re interested in.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Target prospective students with relevant information.
Use case benefit
Ensure active prospects are noticed and receive nurturing.
Use case benefit
Answer the most frequently asked questions about each program.
Use case benefit
Allows for a second email to send if a prospective student does not check their email.
Use case benefit
Send out notifications for upcoming events to increase event participation.

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