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Many governments have begun adding regulations around the use of vaccine passports and immunization record documentation. Educational institutions are among the organizations that need to be able to effectively collect vaccination status confirmations. This can be challenging to collect and track completely manually and leave room for manual errors and other communication errors. Many of these organizations would benefit from a new and improved system for collecting vaccination verifications and handling them over time.


SimplyDigital offers the Education Vaccination Verification use case, which aims to help educational institutions verify and process vaccination records. SimplyDigital aims to help educational institutions ensure the smoothest possible process for checking the vaccination status of students and visitors. Helping to ensure health care can be a priority and work towards disease control and prevention.

SimplyDigital provides QR-code powered forms that are easily fillable and will send a verification message to visitors to campus. This allows staff to easily check vaccination statuses whenever necessary. Reports will store of each form that submits, allowing for the public health reporting process to begin. 

Steps to Success

  1. This process begins with a simple online form that allows students and visitors to submit proof-of-vaccination records. This ensures these documents can deliver easily to efficiently verify vaccine status.
  2. Once vaccination documentation delivers, they can add to a pipeline to await manual review. When the vaccination status confirms, the record can progress to notify the student or visitor that confirmation was successful.
  3. Once a student or visitor's vaccination status records, a QR code-based form can be scanned and filled out via email. The QR code-based form can be posted to event entrances, key buildings or classrooms. After submitting the form, a page showing confirmation or lack of confirmation will show.
  4. Many regions have specific regulations regarding what kind of health information can be easily accessible or retained long term. Where the status check page also needs to be secure, implementing a security PIN or password for security can help. This enables only the student or visitor to access their own vaccination status page.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Process students at events quickly without needing to collect vaccination records every time.
Use case benefit
Easily reuse the solution if there is need for additional vaccine doses.
Use case benefit
Ensure campus safety in the face of pandemics through easily being able to acquire vaccine records.
Use case benefit
Keep information secure through the use of an ISO 27001:2013-certified service provider.

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