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Open houses and campus tours are critical events for universities, these events often help with the undergraduate admissions process. Admission information sessions and campus visits help prospective students get more knowledge of the institution.  

The management of open houses and campus tours can be a complex process. There are many tasks to undergo including tracking who should be present, splitting off and re-grouping, and evaluating event success. Doing this process manually can be difficult to do especially as these events are often quite large.  


SimplyDigital offers the Open House and Campus Tour Registration use case. Making it easy for prospective students to complete open house registration and tours registration. Using this use case, the management of these events will become much easier, allowing for less stress.  

 Using online forms and reminder emails along with timing delays and decisions, ensuring that more prospective students will keep appointments. This in turn results in generating higher success in the recruitment of students. 

Steps to Success

  1. An easy-to-complete online form allows prospective students and their families to sign up ahead of time. The online form can customize to fit any institution’s specific needs.
  2. After signing up, a reminder can schedule to go out ahead of the event. Exactly when this reminder sends can change on a case-by-case basis. It can even customize to send a reminder to international students earlier than it does for local students.
  3. An alerting tool can allow alerts to send to those attending an open house or campus tour. This will help with re-grouping if the group splits up for any reason.
  4. It can be helpful for recruiters to have a message send to prospective students. Sending messages after the event helps to keep students nurtured along their journey.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Ensure prospective students attend open house and campus tour events.
Use case benefit
Nurture attendants after events to help encourage communication between prospective students.
Use case benefit
Simplify the management of tour groups and open house attendees.
Use case benefit
Connect prospective students with recruiters early.

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