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Universities have many students who study from abroad. It is common to lose track of students coming in or be unaware of their location en route. This typically occurs due to delays, route changes, and other unexpected events that may occur during travel. It is important for educational institutions to be able to carefully track the status of students coming in. 

Tracking the status of students as they travel can be a complex process. Each unique plan needs accounting for. Handling this manually can be a challenge to handle and lead to unnecessary communication errors or other errors. 


SimplyDigital offers the Student Travel Status Checker solution, ensuring institutions can identify where students are each step of the way. Leverage online forms and message responses to ensure the safety of students and receive rapid notifications during missing check-ins. 

Using this use case universities can automate the process of tracking student during travel times helping to reduce the manual workload. Through automation of this process, you can reduce the risk of errors in the tracking process. Helping to ensure the safety of international students during their travels. 

Steps to Success

  1. Once students book flights, they complete a form where they indicate the number of stages of their journey. Students will then proceed to fill out the details of each stage of their trip. Expected arrival times for each stage of the journey are available so that notifications can schedule accordingly.
  2. As students reach stage milestones during their trip, they receive texts and emails requesting that they check in. They can simply respond or click a button to confirm. If a student doesn’t check in at any step, additional attempts to reach them will occur to confirm the situation.
  3. Issues are identifiable when students don’t confirm that they’ve arrived at a destination. This may occur after a set delay, or when a student manually indicates that they’ve run into a major delay.
  4. When a student has submitted their initial travel schedule, a special link and a password will become available. Using the special link and password it allows for access to a page with their full travel details. Which students can then provide to their parents and/or guardians.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Save valuable time helping students manage their travel information.
Use case benefit
Send personalized schedules to students containing travel details.
Use case benefit
Allow check-in reminders to keep families or other important contacts updated.
Use case benefit
Ensure you never lose track of students.

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