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Higher education institutions face challenges every summer with retaining new and prospective students. That drop off - the phenomenon known as summer melt - makes it harder to have accurate estimates for the coming fall semester. It also poses challenges for recruiters who need to be able to show that their strategies are working.

SimplyCast offers the Summer Melt solution, a personalized communication system that uses automation to improve retention and prevent summer melt. It does so by sending reminders to returning and incoming students about the upcoming fall semester. By adapting to the recipient, messages become more appropriate and more engaging.


SimplyCast’s Summer Melt use case uses dynamic emails, digital forms, and powerful automation to create a streamlined solution. A solution for ensuring that students receive communications all summer long. These communications open the door to identify which students don’t intend to return.

With that information, they can then find out why. That’s what opens the door to improving processes, finding out what works and what went wrong, and retaining more students. Don't just drop off after high school graduation, ensure that high school students enroll in college and stop the summer melt.

Steps to Success

  1. Engage students on their cell phones during the summer, seeking specific responses to record their plans.
  2. Follow-up text messages keep connecting with students to ensure they're still planning to attend.
  3. Send returning students information and ask those who don’t plan to return for more information.
  4. Messages adapt automatically to each recipient, ensuring information sent is relevant and accurate.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Remind students and prospects to prepare for the new school year.
Use case benefit
Retain students with consistent communication.
Use case benefit
Encourage lapsing learners to take new courses and find new focuses.
Use case benefit
Find the cause of summer melt and manage or even eliminate it.

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