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Universities often have thousands of students on campus at any given time. Each student visiting the clinic will have appointment messages, event reminders, and other notifications that are critical for students to receive. Challenges can arise during the manual process due to the large number of students.  

Managing so many students and having information in near real time requires precision. It would likely require the university to hire new staff and expanding the clinic's admin team. An automated solution wouldn't require organizational or physical changes to the office that might disrupt normal activity. This will allow universities to easily have a more efficient process in managing university health care appointments.


SimplyDigital offers the Education Clinic Notification use case. This solution allows university clinics to manage clinic appointments using a variety of digital tools.  Allowing universities to easily send appointment reminders, schedule appointments, and reduce no shows by creating better communication to students. This use case is invaluable to universities looking to improve their ability to send appointment notifications for university health clinics.

Easily send confirmation and reminder messages to ensure that patients are likely to keep their appointments and reduce the administrative strain. Resulting in more success in ensuring clients attend their appointments, more ease with appointment scheduling and optimizing communication. Opening up valuable time and resources for staff members to allocate elsewhere.

Steps to Success

  1. Before patients can receive an automated confirmation or reminder message, patients must book the appointments. Appointments are bookable online via a digital form. This form can ask for information such as personal details, contact information, documents such as a referral, and any additional questions.
  2. After the patient's appointment confirmation is complete, the clinic can have automated reminders set up to ensure appointments happen. These messages may include confirmation of submission, appointment details, and protocols to complete before the appointment. The confirmation and the reminders personalize to patients automatically.
  3. Many campuses have on-site public health protocols, and related events such as vaccination walk-in days or rapid testing days. Set up events ahead of time, ensuring from the beginning of the school year, the templates are scheduled and ready. Reminders about these events can also send throughout the year to help encourage student participation.
  4. The final step of the process is analyzing your reports. Once messages send, your solution will create an in-depth report that shows the message engagement.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Save valuable time organizing patient information and sending reminders and sending appointment confirmation messages.
Use case benefit
Easily import existing contacts via integration.
Use case benefit
Leverage a landing page with an embedded appointment form.
Use case benefit
Allow for a shorter and simpler appointment booking process with the use of online forms.
Use case benefit
Communicate using the patients preferred communication method to optimize the likelihood patients will receive messages about their upcoming appointment.

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