Why Choose Us?

Through SimplyDigital Education, SimplyCast offers an array of use case solutions for colleges and universities. These use cases leverage our communication and hyperautomation technology to provide our educational institutions with solutions for all kinds of challenges. We can deploy solutions to challenges for support staff and presidents as much as for teachers and students. Here are a few reasons why SimplyDigital Education's use cases can improve business process management for food distribution organizations.

No coding or developers required

The solution uses drag-and-drop editors to make it easy for anyone to create and edit solutions. Student staff and administrators alike can easily work with a variety of tools. Automating tasks becomes easier than ever.

They can improve services for students, the experience for professors, and the donation process for donors and alumni. Our dedicated account managers can further support your digital transformation with their expertise and excellent customer service.

Use case hyperautomation

Our use case team is always hunting for more ways that you can use the application. When we find a solution, we create a use case that you can use. Use cases are quickly deployable templates that easily adjust to meet your needs.

Our strategists take use case suggestions from all over the education sector. They then build them into use cases to improve everything from the admissions process to real time emergency response. These hyperautomation use cases let you scale educational processes faster than ever. The systems in place are still easy enough for students to understand and work in without losing time for studies.

A comprehensive solution

Our automation platform makes use of a single unified solution. Where other automation solutions come at problems piecemeal, our unified approach ensures all of our tools work together. Everything from email, SMS text messages, and voice calls to emergency dashboards, alerts, and emergency event planning.

Every tool works and connects together to provide an all-in-one solution. There's nothing else that matches its level of unity.

Dedication to data security

We are ISO 27001:2013-certified - the world's best know information security management system. We also have data centers that we maintain in both the USA and Canada. They allow for secure, safe communication for all post-secondary institutions. Student information is safe with SimplyCast.

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