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This solution helps food banks streamline how they deliver food to their clients, and manage the communications involved. Handling these components by phone, or other individual methods can take up time and resources. Normally, families cannot alter or change their order information without having to call the food bank, which wastes time for everyone. 

Local food delivery companies and organizations need a way to ensure food delivery. Our solution allows food banks to manage orders and delivery requests using automation while helping avoid manual errors and communication failures.


SimplyDigital offers the Food Bank Home Delivery system. This automated solution allows families to alter their orders, change the delivery dates, and more completely digitally. Using this solution, food banks can keep clients satisfied with their orders and reduce their manual workload.  

Home delivery automation offers an opportunity to improve every home delivery program. By making use of a custom communication tool for your delivery process, food delivery becomes easier than ever. This is especially important for emergency food delivery. Clients need delivery of their food boxes as soon as possible. Further improve your food bank with use cases like the Service Notification use case and the Delivery Reminders use case.

Steps to Success

  1. Clients submit food requests using an online form. In that form, they specify details such as delivery date.
  2. The form submission creates a request review task and adds it to a dashboard. Administrators receive a notification about the new task, and then review it.
  3. With the request now reviewed, the food requester receives a personalized confirmation message.
  4. Next, send personalized reminder message to the requester, ensuring they are aware of all of the delivery details.
  5. Send requesters a survey and use their responses to improve future services once the delivery is complete.

Best Outcome

Use case benefit
Save valuable time identifying delivery information and communicating with food requesters.
Use case benefit
Send personalized messages to clients that will make them feel connected to and taken care of during times of need.
Use case benefit
Allow clients to alter their food orders or change or reschedule delivery dates without manual contact.
Use case benefit
Know when every client has had their food delivered.
Use case benefit
Improve route optimization by letting clients provide delivery instructions.

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