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With clients all around the world, SimplyCast has become quite familiar with the different processes and strategies that go into making a strong, effective marketing campaign. SimplyCast has helped organizations and businesses in over 175 countries improve their marketing and communication through the use of the marketing automation platform SimplyCast 360.

However, by working with so many clients, it was recognized that some businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to fully implement an automated marketing strategy. Whether it’s a lack of available marketing staff, resources, or time, there was a gap.

This is where Hands-Free comes in.

Hands-Free is a one-of-a-kind, marketing as a service program designed to give organizations the benefits of marketing automation without needing to use the technology.

Essentially, organizations that wish to reap the benefits of marketing automation without allocating resources to do it themselves can join the Hands-Free program and their marketing campaigns will be completely handled by SimplyCast.

With Hands-Free's marketing as a service approach, a client can choose from one of the following packages: Basic, Professional, Enterprise, and Full-time. Depending on the tier they choose, they are assigned a SimplyCast employee for a specified number of hours monthly who will create, design, write, and manage their marketing flows within SimplyCast 360. With strategy sessions, training, and reporting to complement the process, clients voice what they hope to accomplish with marketing automation and Hands-Free takes care of the rest.

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Take Full Advantage of the SimplyCast Platform

  • Begin with strategy sessions with our automation experts

    Help determine your organization’s best course of action and play an active role in creating your campaign message. Your input helps the SimplyCast team steer your marketing campaigns in the right direction and allows you to voice all your opinions.

  • Sit back as we create and manage your communication flows

    Our Hands-Free Experts create and manage all your campaigns. On top of this, your campaign content is created by our team of experienced writers. So, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the benefits of an effective marketing campaign.

  • Receive regular reports with your campaign results

    To see how well your managed campaigns are going, you will be provided with weekly reports. Our automation experts will also make suggestions as to what you could add or change in your marketing campaigns. This also expands to include things like A/B split testing if it is determined that it would be helpful for your organization.

  • Enjoy a completely hands-free marketing automation experience

    Going hands-free allows you to save valuable time for your organization while taking advantage of marketing automation. With years of experience, our automation experts can help you maximize your campaigns without any effort on your part.

  • FAQs

    • What is Hands-Free?
      Hands-Free is a new type of managed service that you've never seen before. With Hands-Free, you leave all of your marketing and communication campaigns in the hands of our automation experts.
    • What is the role of the Hands-Free Expert?
      Our Hands-Free Strategists and Consultants are automation experts here to help you in any and all aspects of your automated campaigns. The Hands-Free process starts off with an automation expert helping you strategize exactly what you want to accomplish by using marketing automation. They then take your ideas and make them into marketing and communication flows. When they create these flows, they also write all the content for it as well! Once your flows are active, the experts will manage them and give you regular reports. This is in addition to creating any new campaigns that may arise.
    • Why should I use Hands-Free?
      Hands-Free's marketing as a service approach allows you to have the marketing campaigns you always wanted without having to learn how to use a new technology to accomplish them. Marketing automation allows you to have nurturing, engaging, and personalized campaigns — Hands-Free allows you to take advantage of marketing automation without any hassle.
    • What is included in Hands-Free?
      Hands-Free includes strategy sessions with your designated Hands-Free Specialist, created and written campaign flows, designed templates, reports on your campaigns, and suggestions on how to improve your campaigns.
    • How do the pricing tiers work?
      Each pricing tier contains the features found above. These prices are only for the Hands-Free service and do not include the cost of the SimplyCast 360 package or any other credits. In addition to this, there is a contract that is assigned to each tier. The Basic Package is available on a month-to-month contract, Professional is on a three-month contract. The Enterprise package is on a six-month contract and Full-Time is a yearly contract.
    • Will you need access to my website?
      Hands-Free doesn't include any website or branding work so Hands-Free Consultants and Specialists won't need access to your website for campaign purposes. You will, however, need to provide any web content and existing branding you would like to use to your Hands-Free Specialist. It is important to note that if any of your campaigns depend on information (such as a signup form) that lives on your site, SimplyCast will need access to that, but the information can be transferred via an API.
    • What do I need to bring to the Hands-Free process?
      Since Hands-Free doesn't include any of your website and branding, we will need access to any logos, branding, or color codes you wish to use in your campaigns. If you have an existing contact database or a form integrated elsewhere, we would also need to have access to any of that information if you wish to include it in a campaign.
    • How many strategy sessions are included in Hands-Free?
      Here at SimplyCast, we want to see your Hands-Free campaigns succeed and help you grow your business. In order to do that, strategy sessions are very important. Everyone receives an initial strategy session to go over high-level goals. After that, depending on your package, you may receive additional strategy session. With Basic, there is only the initial session. Professional includes monthly sessions. Enterprise includes weekly sessions and Full-Time includes daily strategy sessions.
    • How often do I receive reports on my campaigns?
      Reports are provided weekly and detail the success of your campaign, outline important metrics (open and click-through rates, for example), and give suggestions on what could be improved.
    • Do I need to design my projects in SimplyCast 360?
      No, we will take care of the design for you. Essentially, Hands-Free means that anything that can be done inside of our system will be taken care of by an automation expert. This means that your forms, emails, landing pages, etc will all be designed and launched by the Hands-Free staff. All you need to do is provide any logos and colors you wish to use.
    • What is the ROI for this service?
      The ROI for the Hands-Free service is between two and three times the cost of the service. This, of course, depends on the pricing tier you have chosen.
    • How do I learn more about Hands-Free?
      If you'd like more information about Hands-Free, or if you are interested in purchasing, contact us at
    • Can I facilitate the use of Hands-Free services for my customers?
      Yes, you can facilitate the use of Hands-Free to your clients with the caveat that SimplyCast would only be in contact with you as our client. This means that any work a client wants would have to be brought to us through you.
    • What happens if I go over my allotted hours?
      Your Hands-Free Expert will alert you if you are getting close to going over your hours. If there are additional tasks you would like to do after those hours are used, there is a $99 charge per task. Alternatively, you could wait for the following month to continue with those tasks.
    • What happens if I don't use all my hours in a month?
      Hours do not roll over to the next month. If you do not use all your allotted hours by the end of the month, they expire and you start with a fresh allotment of hours.


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