SimplyCast - Corporate Edition

Corporate Edition

Rebrand our multi-channel automation platform

Corporate Edition

Introducing Corporate Edition

SimplyCast Corporate Edition is a brand new, free-to-install, and re-branded version of our world-famous SimplyCast 360, an all-in-one marketing automation application!

What are the benefits?

  • Fully re-branded marketing platform
  • Ensure all communications are compliant with various laws
  • 100% free - no charge
  • Full administrative control panel
  • Full control over all marketing efforts company wide
  • Detailed analytics to maximize marketing ROI
  • Powerful sending infrastructure capable of bulk and transactional sends
  • Wizard based campaign creation. No technical skills required

How does it work?

It's simple. First we qualify you - only organizations large enough (typically 2 or more departments or 50+ employees) are eligible for this offer. We understand that not all organizations are structured this way so if you think you're a good candidate for the Corporate Edition don't hesitate to fill out the form to learn more and be contacted by a member of our Corporate Team.

Once approved we gather a few required pieces of information from you before deploying your very 


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