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Diversity Index

Diversity Index: A OneNS Initiative

Session 2 for the Diversity & Inclusivity Index is complete.

We tested the model with Business Leaders and gained insight on how to include the index as a useful resource and tool for companies and future employees. Please check out the Session 2 Minutes.

We tested the concept and would like to share it with Business Leaders to promote the cause. If you're interested, please read the Session 1 Minutes.

This initiative is part of 4 working groups presented by the Ivany Report

  • Immigration
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Education
  • International Competitiveness

The Immigration working group is exploring many initiatives to improve the strength of Nova Scotia’s working age population. The action as a deliverable is the Diversity & Inclusiveness Index (DII) and Diversity & Inclusiveness (DI) Website.

What You Need

A dedication to diversity and inclusivity.

You're Ready for Change

We want to present the concept and gain insight from Business Leaders to refine the ideas and create momentum.  We will discuss the mechanics of the DII site and Index as a hub for Employers and Employees.

If you like strategy and engagement, we want you to be part of the team!
We do not currently have any sessions running.


Session 2
Date: April 10th
Time: Complete
Minutes: OneNS Diversity Index Session 2 Minutes
Design Asset: Diversity Homepage Mock
Design Asset: Diversity Company Page Mock

Session 1
Date: February 20th
Time: Complete
Minutes: OneNS Diversity Index Session 1 Minutes


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