SimplyCast - Free Crash Course on Automation

Free Crash Course on Automation

Free Crash Course on Automation

Do you want to learn how to use marketing automation software to improve your marketing?

Sign up for our free 14-day crash course and learn all the best tips and tricks to improve your marketing through automation!

Here's what you'll learn on every day of the course:

Day 1 - Sonar and web tracking

Track your leads with Sonar. Ever wondering who is visiting your website and you want to target your content to keep them moving through a defined journey? Use SimplyCast Sonar to help you do just that. Sonar builds your contacts' profiles using a script that is placed on any or all of your website pages.

Day 2 - Signup forms

You've used them before in one way or another. Signup forms are a great way to get your contacts opted-in to receive your communication messages. Using signup forms ensures that your contact data is compliant and up-to-date. This is the most used method to get contacts into your database.

Day 3 - Landing pages

Use landing pages to capture leads. Having a landing page is like a microsite that showcases a product or offer to your prospects. These pages help you segment traffic and optimize your messages. They are an indispensable tool in your marketing arsenal.

Day 4 - Contact relationship manager (CRM)

Make the most out of a comprehensive CRM. A CRM gives you a 360-degree view your business.

Day 5 - List and segments

Segmenting your data is helpful because it helps you to target your messages. You can create lists of contacts based on the criteria that you've learned from sonar and other analytic data.

Day 6 - Pipelines & sales funnels

Use pipelines and sales funnels to see how prospects are moving through your well-informed communication flow. You will always know where people are in your process and how many people are getting to your conversion points.

Day 7 - Enriching your process with automation

If you would like to create a marketing process that is not too much overhead and that will grow as you scale, then automation is the path for you. While you can use all of the SimplyCast tools individually, you really get the return of the product when you move into marketing automation.

Day 8 - Communicate across multiple channels

Using one channel for communication is not always the best way. Using the SimplyCast automation platform, you can combine all the channels of communication based on each customer's preferred method.

Day 9 - Automatically nurture and identify quality leads

Use the different tools to help you nurture and qualify your leads at all the steps of the customer journey. Start engaging customers who really have the intent to move forward.  We build on the skills that you've learned over the last few days.

Day 10 - Keep your customers coming back

Build customer loyalty with automation. Using these tools will help you increase customer retention. Using the information that you're learned about the customer's behaviors improves your relationship. You want to offer your customers something they cannot get anywhere else.

Day 11 - Use Case 1: Automated lead nurturing

Now that you've learned some of the ins and outs of using these marketing automation tools, take some time to try out one of our suggested use cases. Create the example from start to finish and put it to use for your process.

Day 12 - Use Case 2: Use SMS for easy conversion

Not many marketers use SMS, but it is a growing form of communication. With SimplyCast, you can opt-in your prospects by using shortcodes and keywords. This use case helps you get started with SMS marketing.

Day 13 - Use Case 3: Adding the personal touch

Go beyond just greeting your prospects by name. Every time your contacts interact with you, you should take the opportunity to learn more about them. You can do this in a number of different ways from signup forms, surveys, sonar information, email, or SMS communications. Show them that you're listening by creating a personalized experience for them when they return.

Day 14 - Congratulations! It's the end

It is the end of the crash course, but not to worry, we are still here for you: book a demo or strategy session today!


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