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What is Hosting++ ?

Hosting++ takes the traditional approach of web hosts to offer simple marketing addons and provides them with the most powerful marketing plugins yet – multi-channel marketing automation tools on white label.

With Hosting++, web hosts are able to:

  • Generate additional revenue by linking their current SEO and PPC services with marketing automation
  • Retain clients longer with best-of-breed white label marketing tools that are natural extensions to site creation, SEO and PPC services
  • Help clients grow faster by capturing and providing specific leads and offering complete pipeline management

Some specific examples include:

Sales Conversion Optimization

Track individual customers from landing pages to build up a profile of customer types. Optimize keywords based on how these customers interact with site pages. Store the full history of the customer, segment lists based on behaviours and quickly act on this data.

Increased Client Engagement

Use simple but effective marketing automation tools such as online surveys and live chat feed to better engage customers on pages. Use data from these interactions to better optimize keywords and gain more detailed customer information.

Complete Communication Management

Use a CRM to store and manage customers as they interact with your clients’ pages. Clients can then reach out to them automatically across multiple channels, such as email., SMS and social, to interact on their preferred mode of communication creating more qualified leads and increased sales.

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