SimplyCast - Marketing Automation Integration Fund

Marketing Automation Integration Fund

Marketing Automation Integration Fund

As a marketer, you have a number of services that you use in your marketing automation process. To make this process easier, SimplyCast is ready to help to reduce your integration cost of your home-brew (CRM, ERP, HR) systems. It can be expensive to integrate with these differing web services and external systems. That's why we are now offering a $2.3 million Marketing Automation Integration Fund, to help expedite integration and reduce your total cost of ownership.

How Does it Work?

For customers who wish to integrate their current system with the SimplyCast platform, please submit your application using the form provided. Your request will be processed within five business days from Thursday.

The applications are reviewed every Thursday at 11:00 a.m.

Who can Apply?

Any individual, company or organization that is looking to integrate with SimplyCast platform.


We currently integrate with the following systems. If you have questions about the integrations listed below, please email

  • vTiger
  • Sugar
  • CPanel
  • Salesforce


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