Marketing Automation for Agriculture

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Keep your operations and communications organized

Keep your farm staff organized and on track with personalized reminders for milking, feeding, and any other daily tasks that need to be done regularly. Automation allows you to make sure all your employees are up to date and in the loop on any and all issues and events related to your agriculture-based business. You can also employ automation for agriculture businesses in your communications with customers to provide them automated and personalized newsletters. You can also provide them with any important information they may need regarding produce availability, or when your next Farmer's Market will be. If you're interested to see how marketing automation can be used for your farm or other agriculture-related business, why not check out SimplyCast 360?


With this automation software you are able to create dynamic and sophisticated communication flows that can be triggered automatically. Reduce the workload of your farm staff and allow them to focus on their other important jobs rather than on manually providing communications to clients and suppliers.


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To see how automation for agriculture businesses can be improved using the all-in-one SimplyCast platform, be sure to contact us for more information! Our team will be happy to help and answer any questions you may have about SimplyCast 360 or any other of our many available products. Or, sign up here for a 14-day free trial of the platform and see for yourself how easy the software is to use!


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Automated Business Development Use Case

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