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Automated Business Development Use Case

Increase Business Efficiency and Streamline Communication 

Communication is essential in any business, especially during an unexpected event. It is important normal business operations continue at the same levels even during a sudden occurrence, or at least it should be let known to the appropriate stakeholders you are running at a lesser capacity than usual.

To make this process easier, create an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) to allow these stakeholders to call in and be directed to the personnel or information recording they are looking for in order to make more efficient use of personnel time and resources.

Notify employees or the public of any disruption in service by alerting them through multiple channels of communication and receive confirmation of read alerts so you can be sure they read and understood the implications.

Gather important business stakeholders together instantly in a teleconference that dials out to all participants rather than having everyone dialing in separately, allowing for less wasted time and more time dedicated to strategic planning and incident resolution.


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Automated Business Development Use Case

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