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Part of emergency mitigation is having a proper emergency plan in place that includes all of your communication requirements and operational tasks that must be completed during the incident. To aid with this, ensure you have prepared your plan in advance by building an Event template with each of these steps having the capability of being automated to deploy automatically at a certain time from the launch of the event. Gather the responses from alerts, recalls, and surveys in widgets on the Command Hub Dashboard during the active event and share any of these widgets with other organizations to make sure everyone remains up to speed. As well as preparing an Event template before an emergency occurs, add the information for all the critical infrastructure and other assets into Blueprints templates that can be filled out to create instances of that blueprint that can be tracked either in reports or on the visual Map interface. Pre-create alerts that can be sent out immediately to the public to notify them when an emergency does occur and make sure they have both received and understood the alert by asking them to confirm the receipt of the message.

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