Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)

Communication for Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)

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Effectively Manage Crises by Viewing the Common Operating Picture 

When a disaster hits, emergency managers head to their emergency operations centers (EOCs) to coordinate, strategize, and manage the incident through the gathering of information from many sources and sharing information with other organizations involved in the mitigation efforts.

By setting up pre-made event templates in the platform, whenever an emergency occurs, the appropriate template can be launched immediately with the list of ordered tasks that must be completed before the event's resolution. Automate these tasks to deploy at a pre-set time offset from the event's launch and have information rolling in almost instantly and displayed in real time.

Hold teleconferences with all stakeholders to plan any next steps in the course of the incident's management and ensure valuable time is not wasted by having the system dial out to all participants rather than having them dial in.

Share information reports with other organizations who may not already have access. Shared reports are also automatically updated whenever new information is received so you can ensure everyone is always aware of the latest developments and able to perform their required duties.


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