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Deploy Personnel Faster and Monitor Containment Efforts

In case of a fire, whether in a forest fire or a building, efficient response times are paramount. Gather on call volunteers to the scene quickly by dialing a single group number, which will connect to the personnel who is currently on call for that particular shift.

Recall full-time staff with the necessary specialties to attend the fire incident. Determine who is and who isn't able to respond to the incident and any responder type areas that may be lacking while closing the responder categories that already have a sufficient number of responders confirmed to attend the scene.

Use the mapping interface to create and manage dangerous hot zones. Keep track of how quickly the fire is spreading and determine which residents may be required to evacuate the area.

Initiate a live survey to poll residents in order to determine the extent of the damage as well as identify any potential future safety threats that may arise if the fire is not contained quickly enough. Gather survey responses and monitor updates as they appear in real time.


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