Emergency Medical Services

Communication for Emergency Medical Services

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Reach On Call Personnel and Poll Bed Availability

Should a mass casualty occur in the middle of the night, outside of peak operation hours, easily get in contact with on call hospital personnel and let them know they need to come in by dialing a single phone number which will automatically contact the staff member who is currently on call.

Issue a recall to staff to ask them to come in and aid in an emergency when there is a shortage of personnel. Request personnel possessing a certain skill set and determine which responder type categories are currently lacking attendees and which ones have a sufficient number confirmed to respond.

Send out an alert to all staff to make them aware of an influx of patients to a hospital and tell them to remain on standby in case of further recalls. Ask recipients of the alert to confirm they have read and understood the message and monitor responses in real time.

Determine hospital bed availability by sending a live survey to each facility asking for capacity information. Collect these responses in a live-updating report and use the information to direct ambulances carrying patients to the facility where there is sure to be enough beds to accommodate them.



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