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From oil drilling to natural gas extraction to electrical power distribution, energy comes in many forms and as such must be sufficiently monitored and tracked. In the case of an incident, alert members of the public as well as any employees to make them aware of any possible danger.

Recall personnel with the necessary HAZMAT training in case of a leak or spill and make sure that you have enough responders to help prevent the incident from escalating to disaster proportions.

Contact on call employees to come in to help deal with incidents by reaching them through an OnCall group number that remains the same no matter who is on call at any particular moment, ensuring you are always able to the get ahold of someone in times of need.

IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) can be created to share public-facing information such as hours of operations. They can also be used for the public to call in and report a power outage or other issue, automatically transferring them to the appropriate department or allowing them to leave a message.


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