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API Integration Details | Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Combine the power of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the power of SimplyCast's marketing automation platform. Sync your contacts between both platforms, enabling you to do all the powerful customer relationship management Microsoft Dynamics offers and all the customer nurturing that the SimplyCast platform offers.

Send targeted emails, SMS, fax, and voicemail messages to all your customers; get notified when customers subscribe and unsubscribe; and get insights into which customers are the most engaged!

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Integration Features

Sync your contact database to and from Microsoft Dynamics and SimplyCast with bi-directional syncing. Emails, phone numbers, list fields, and other important information will never be out of date between SimplyCast and Microsoft Dynamics. Syncing allows you to spend more time on customer engagement instead of worrying about your contact database.

  • Sync your Microsoft Dynamics database with the SimplyCast CRM
  • Sync from Microsoft Dynamics and to Microsoft Dynamics
  • Contact information sync (email, phone, cell, social, etc)

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