Vtiger Integration

Synchronizing your Vtiger account with your SimplyCast marketing automation account enables you to create more engaging marketing campaigns for each of your customers. Keep all your contact information up to date automatically, enabling you to send highly personalized messages based on your customers' unique needs and interests. You can choose to have your information updated between platforms every day, week or month as needed.


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How do I install Vtiger?


Integration Features


Synchronizing your contact database to and from Vtiger and SimplyCast with bi-directional syncing. Important contact information and details about companies is updated as often as you specify, so you never have to worry about your information being out of date.

  • Push and pull information between Vtiger and SimplyCast CRM
  • Automatically update information such as name, phone number, address, social networking information and more
  • Create, edit, retrieve and update contacts on either end
  • Organization synching

Having Trouble Installing Your Integration?

If you encounter issues while connecting your integration with SimplyCast, you can contact our customer care team by email at or by calling 1-866-323-6572 ext. 2.

Looking For More Integrations?

Interested in the other integrations SimplyCast has to offer? Visit our Integrations Marketplace for a complete listing of our existing integrations made possible with our Open API.

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Vtiger Integration

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