Automated Hospital Staff Recall Solution

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An automated hospital staff recall solution helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities assemble a team in the fastest way possible when additional resources and staff are required during an emergency. It starts with creating an accurate staff registry that consists of essential information such as names, job roles, skills, contact details, etc. Then, an emergency recall message template is created. During an emergency, that recall message is sent to all staff at once. They can respond to those recall messages instantly. Once the required number of staff respond, the message is turned off and everyone is notified. The whole process is done automatically, wihouth any human intervention.

However, building such an automated hosptial recall system requires a regorous strategy, essential digital software, and a platform to streamline those tools to make a flawless, synchronized solution.

SimplyCast offers a 100% plug-and-play, digital contact engagement solution where you do not need to build anything from scratch. No coding or technical experties needed as well. Using this solution, your can discard almost all the manual tasks related to the hospital emergency staff recall, saving time duirng crucial events and freeing up valuable resources.

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