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Did you know that in 2014, 67% of people found volunteer opportunities online compared to just 34% in 2006?

The Non-Profit Volunteer Registration Solution Template is designed to streamline the volunteer registration process while adding value to non-profit organizations by providing an online portal to accept volunteer applications. This Solution Template allows you to take the tried-and-true process created in-house at SimplyCast, customize it with your own content and logos, and launch it easily in order to gather more volunteer registrations while lessening the workload on your staff.

With the Non-Profit Volunteer Registration Solution Template, you are able to have an online portal where interested applicants can quickly input their information in order to be considered for a volunteer position. From there, you are able to automatically notify a representative of a new application so they can review it.

If an applicant is deemed to be a good fit for your organization, they are automatically sent an acceptance email while those not deemed to be a good fit are sent a rejection email. Those who are accepted are also sent further emails with more information, as well as a form to gather any additional information you may require from them. Once everything is to your satisfaction for a new applicant, they are added to the Master Volunteer List so they can be sent any future communications and opportunities.

This instructional e-book is going to look at the whole Non-Profit Solution Template and walk you through how to set up each element to suit your needs. Of course, if you’d rather have a member of our team set up the Solution Template for you, you can contact

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