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Are SimplyCast internet fax blasts sent from Canada?

Are SimplyCast internet fax blasts sent from Canada?

SimplyCast internet fax blasts are in fact sent from Canada. Our servers here in Canada handle the initial send, and partner with our app servers in the United States to create the bridge through which we send. Don't worry though, the physical fax is sent directly to your intended recipients.

Why the back and forth?

Different servers have different tasks and capabilities, and in order to ensure that our whole app works to the best possible results, we balance the load of sends between them. It has no effect on the customer, as the balancing is all backend, and you aren't charged if something interrupts the send

Are there plans to improve this system?

You bet there are, but we don't have a timeline on them yet. Things are just ramping up to a version release, so when we have more information on this, we'll be sure to update this post and let you all know what's changing and how it'll affect you - if at all.

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