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Can I add multiple or alternate emails for the same contact?

Can I add multiple or alternate emails for the same contact?

You can now! Recently, we added this functionality to our Contact Manager, as well as a few other features like one-off emails and the ability to set up a contact portal for account managers! Alternate or multiple emails now even show up in list format once they've been added.

How can I do this?

To add an alternate email address:

  • First navigate to Contacts View in Contact Manager
  • Click Edit Columns
  • Select New Column
  • Name your column
    • This name is used for mapping the column on subsequent uploads
    • Example: alt email, email2
    • please use lowercase for naming
  • Choose the column type: Email
  • Optional - Choose Make Visible
    • This will make it visible when viewing lists
  • Click "Ok"

Now the next time you upload a list you will be able to map a secondary email column for your contacts.

Why would I use this feature?

This feature is handy because you will be able to swap the primary email address for any contact. When you view a contact you will now see the secondary field available below the primary email field on the Contact Profile Page. To swap the addresses, click the blue star button to the right of the secondary email address to make it the primary. You can swap the addresses as often as you choose.

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