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Can I attach documents to my emails?

Can I attach documents to my emails?

You can create links to files you have uploaded so a recipient can view them or download them, but you cannot attach documents to your email content directly.


Attaching a file to a message makes its file size significantly larger, which will make sending times increase substantially. You would also risk filling up a recipient's mailbox or having your email rejected because its file size is too large. There are even situations where some mail servers will remove attachments from messages that are received. Creating a link to a file allows the recipient to quickly view or download it.

Can I upload and link from SimplyCast?

No, not at the present time. We don't offer file storage or anything similar, and you wouldn't be able to link back to files stored in the app effectively. You can use services like Dropbox and others, but we will be unable to help you with support related issues on those services.

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