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Can I change my SMS sending number to the name of a company?

Can I change my SMS sending number to the name of a company?

The SMS sending number used in messages cannot be changed to a company name. There are a number of reasons why we do not allow this number to be changed:

  1. If the number is changed, carriers may reject the SMS message as spam which could cause your message to be filtered.
  2. It's also important to consider that SMS messages require recipients to have the option to opt-out. If the number is changed, recipients will not be able to opt-out of the texts that they receive.
  3. Some countries do not permit this information to be modified.

Is there any way to make sure people know who's texting them?

Aside from identifying yourself in the message, sadly not really. If they have your number saved in their phone, then they would see your name instead of your number, but you would have to educate them on that.

Is there any way to prevent my company name from counting toward my character limit?

Unfortunately, no. At the present, unless you added a picture to every message, which we currently do not support, it would be impossible to get around, and even if you were picture messaging, it would be unwieldy and hard for the customer to read properly.

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