Do you offer a URL Shortener?

Yes, we do offer a URL shortener. URL Shorteners can be used via SimplyCast Sonar, our new web tracking software. Typically, links will appear as as the shortened links. If you don’t want the address, you can implement Custom Domain URLs as a service included with any of our Professional level packages. 

How can I use it?

To shorten a link, navigate to SimplyCast Sonar within the app and then:

  • Open the Web Tracking link
  • Create a new tracking rule
  • Apply your link to the required field, and save the rule
  • Use the shortened URL provided

Not only will the above steps give you a shortened URL, it will provide reports on that URL as well. Viewing those reports enables you to see how contacts interact with your link.

Is this part of my plan?

Yes. SimplyCast Sonar is available to all our clients as a free service that integrates and complements our paid services.