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How can I engage users on a specific issue?

With SimplyCast 360 you can automate the communication process with your readers. You can even prepare different flows for users who advocate for your organization and those who might benefit from further information.

To get started:

Import your contacts using our integration partners or by spreadsheets (csv, xls, xlsx).

  • Create a voice campaign that will send a message to your contacts' phone numbers. Invite them to learn more about the issue by texting to the short code. An SMS campaign will them guide them to the most relevant resources.
  • For the next voice campaign, you can A/B split test the recording you wish to send out. Test out different messages, voice actors, or calls to action.
  • Create a landing page for each specific topic. Invite readers to sign up to receive more information.

These are just a few ideas you can implement to increase engagement.

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