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How can I insert video? Video hyperlink? Embed?

There are several options for including a video to your email marketing, most commonly through a video hyperlink. You can insert a link to a video by creating a hyperlink to it, or you can add the video's embed code to the HTML view to enhance your email marketing.

video hyperlink

Adding a video hyperlink

You are able to link videos, websites, and attachments to your email within the SimplyCast platform.

To add a link to a video, you must create a hyperlink to it. This can be done by doing the following:

  1. Highlight the text you want the recipient to be able to click on.
  2. Click on the Insert Hyperlink button. This icon looks like a chain link.
  3. A new window will appear. In the address field, type in or copy and paste the link to the video.
  4. Click on the OK button to add the hyperlink.

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