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How do I get an API key for the Autocomplete Address element?

The Autocomplete Address form element leverages the power of Google Maps to assist with easily adding a specific address to a form’s Address field by providing an auto-generated list of filtered addresses matching a user’s typed-in text.

In order to use this element in a form, you first need to ensure you have access to a Google Maps API key and that this key is associated with the SimplyCast platform through the Integrations Marketplace.

To acquire a Google API key:

google cloud console header image

  • Once you have Google Cloud access, you can either use the default project or create your own project from the top menu.
  • In the project, select the More Products menu to see the APIs & Services option. Select Credentials from the sub menu.

Google Cloud credentials menu

  • On the Credentials screen, click Create Credentials at the top of the page and choose API key as your credential type.

Google Cloud API creation screen

  • A new API key will be created that you can restrict if you like. If not, you can close the window.

New Google API created window

  • Return to the main APIs & Services dashboard and click the Enable APIs and Services option at the top of the screen to bring you to the API Library.

Google Maps API Library

  • Here, search for the Places API and select it from the list of options that appears.

Google Maps Places API

  • Review the information (especially the pricing information) on the Places API page before clicking the Enable button.

Google Maps Places API information

  • Then, return to the Credentials screen using the menu on the left side of the page. You will now see the new API key that you have generated.

[Note: If you wish to use the Address Preview feature (available in the Address Autocomplete element and elsewhere in the SimplyCast platform), you will also need to enable the Maps Embed API. Do so by clicking the Places API dropdown appearing at the top of the page next to the Create Credentials button. Click the More APIs option in the dropdown which will bring you to a page where you can find the Maps Embed API in the Additional APIs list. Click on this option and complete the same steps to enable the new API.]

Google Maps Embed API

  • Return to the Credentials screen again and proceed to the next step in the SimplyCast platform.

In the SimplyCast platform:

  • Open the Integrations Marketplace application and click the API Integrations option from the left-hand menu.

API integrations menu

  • Choose the Google Maps integration by clicking the Edit button. You will be directed to the Google Maps Configurations page.

Google Maps API integration icon

  • Click the green Add API Key button.

Add API key button

  • Navigate back to the Credentials page of the Google Cloud Console and copy the API key by clicking the button appearing in the Key column.
  • Return to the Integrations page in the SimplyCast platform.
  • Add a display name for the key and paste the key you copied from the Google Cloud Console into the API Key field.
  • Ensure the Enabled checkbox to the right of the API Key field is checked off and click the blue Save button at the bottom of the screen on the right.

Google Maps API configurations page

Now, when you create a new form in the Form Builder, the Autocomplete Address button should be enabled and able to be added to your form.

[Note: The Autocomplete Address form element uses the Google Maps Places API, which has usage fees. The element uses session-based pricing, but only requests the address information from the Places API. Usage fees are charged to your Google account. The Preview feature utilizes the Google Maps Embed API. This API does not have any usage fees at this time]

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