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How do I do an email address search for an individual email?

How to do an individual email address search:

If you're looking for email addresses that are currently contained in your contact database, you are able to perform an email address search for individual addresses. To do so, begin entering the email address into the "Search" bar located on the Contacts page of the CRM. As you begin typing the email address into the search bar, the list of contacts automatically begins to filter itself. When you are done typing all applicable results (if found) will display in the table below the search bar.

To complete a new email address search, you can simply overwrite the address currently in the search bar with a new email address. The results will filter as they did before according to the content of the new address.

As well as using the search bar to look for a specific email address, you can also sort the Email column on the CRM's Contacts page by clicking on the name of the column at the top of the table. This will sort all of the available email addresses alphabetically in the Contacts table. Clicking on the Email column name again will sort all of the email addresses again, only this time in reverse-alphabetical order.


You are not just limited to email address searches! You are also able to search for content found in any field in your list of contacts on the Contacts page of the CRM. As well, sorting columns alphabetically and reverse-alphabetically works for any of the table columns and not just the Email column. Simply click on the name of any of the columns in the Contacts table and it will sort automatically.

If you have any questions about the Contact Relationship Manager or any of SimplyCast's other tools, contact and our Support Team will be happy to assist!

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