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How is the Automation Flow Editor set up?

360 canvas

The Automation Flow Editor is part of the latest version of SimplyCast 360, complete with a new user interface and improved functionality.

The Automation Flow Editor is divided into four main sections: the canvas, the settings panel, the creation panel, and the navigation bar.

360 campaign

The canvas is the middle portion of the Automation Flow Editor and it is the space in which you select, position, and connect elements together in your campaign. Using the drag-and-drop interface, you can add elements, widgets, and connections to your campaign and reposition them around the screen to organize them to your liking.

campaign settings

The settings panel is located on the right side of the screen in the Automation Flow Editor. This is where you can view and edit all the settings for the SimplyCast 360 campaign itself as well as the settings for a specific element that is currently selected.

360 elements

The creation panel is on the left-hand side of the screen and contains all the SimplyCast 360 elements that can be added to the campaign, sorted into multiple tabs, which can be dragged and dropped into the canvas.

navigational bar

Above the canvas is a navigational bar containing eight widgets. Widgets are tools other than elements that you can use to help build your campaign and make it more user-friendly.

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