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Are resellers eligible for the SimplyCast Integration Fund?

Are resellers eligible for the SimplyCast integration fund?

As a reseller, you are ineligible for the Integration Fund, as that applies to SimplyCast’s direct customers. This is because applying it to all of the customers of resellers as well would drain the fund and make it impossible to spread it out effectively among those who need it.

So is there anything I can do about integration costs as a reseller?

Yes! Our Partnership and Support Teams know the specifics of how the Integration Fund works, and would be happy to help you set up something similar of your own. This would allow you to increase revenue flow and would provide the extra resources to acquire custom plugins.

Will SimplyCast take a portion of this fund or dictate the size of it?

Not at all. This is another extra associated cost that you are free to price and size as you will.

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