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Can SimplyCast do single-send emails?

Can SimplyCast do single-send emails?

When a user views a specific client in the CRM, they will notice that on that customer profile there is now a "Send Email" button. This will pull up a modal that allows you to select an email template. Or, you can select "Personal Email" and type a quick, text-only email yourself.

Are there already templates for that sort of thing?

Currently, no. The templates are easily created by opening up a new email project or an existing one and saving them as a template. During that saving process, select "Personal Email" and you'll be able to access those using the process above

What benefit does this have to me?

This allows staff to reach out and communicate with contacts on a one on one basis or send unique cases communications that fit their needs directly. While many times segmenting a customer group works, there are always outliers and this allows a staff member to communicate directly to that group quickly and easily without having to build out an email campaign first.

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