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What are the permissions for SimplyCast 360?

What is this and how do I use it?

A permission is something that is essentially an on/off switch for your user accounts. There are multiple switches for each channel, and each switch turns a part of that channel on or off for a specific account. These will all be available by clicking the gear icon in the top right of the application and clicking "Account Information". This should transport you to the account management dashboard, where you can click on "Multi-User" and then on "Permissions" to see what permissions are assigned to the account. These are broken up by channel and are fairly straightforward.

Permissions for 360 include the following:

  • Accessing 360 applications and campaigns
  • Interacting with 360 & Autoresponder campaigns (create, delete, view, activate, deactivate)
  • View 360 & Autoresponder reports
  • Edit, Delete and Create 360 & Autoresponder editor elements
  • Manage 360 & Autoresponder organization widgets
  • Create 360 & Autoresponder elements (any channel)

How do I benefit?

By splitting permissions you can avoid jurisdictional issues and people accidentally altering data in incorrect places. You are able to organize, compartmentalize, and manage your projects without having to worry and check in on every project by scrolling through all the projects. Just check each user, and since they only have specific permissions, you can check their work specifically. Alternatively, you can have specialists for each channel, allowing them to focus on that channel without the distractions of other features.

Is it included in my package?

Multi-user is a 360 feature, which is only available with a corresponding SimplyCast 360 package. If you aren't sure if you have one, check our marketing automation page, and you'll be able to compare your feature list to the one displayed there. Any package that includes more than one user would most certainly include the permissions system.

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