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What permissions do I need to use the API Integrations feature?

The Autocomplete Address form element leverages the power of Google Maps to assist with easily adding a specific address to a form’s Address field by providing an auto-generated list of filtered addresses matching a user’s typed-in text.

In order to use this element in a form, you first need to ensure your user has the appropriate level of permissions.

If you are using the Account Networks tool to manage your roles, users first need access to the Integrations application.

Users also need to be given the following permissions in order to set up and manage the Google Maps API integration in the Integrations Marketplace:

  • View API Key Integrations
  • Edit API Key Integrations
  • Create API Key Integrations
  • Delete API Key Integrations
  • Use API Key Integrations

In order to use the API Integrations feature in the Form Builder and CRM applications, users’ roles only need the following permission:

  • Use API Key Integrations

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